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Client Testimonials

"OMG this was absolutely pain-free...thank you for educating me about Thermography.  Every women needs this..." L.Costello 10/03/17

Client Testimonials

There's a clear need for this in the healthcare community.  Thankful for my session with Saima at Milton's Themography Clinic. "- M. K., 02/12/18

Client Testimonials

"excellent experience...I felt very comfortable and Saima was very radiation unlike other testing." - S. D., 10/03/17

Breast Thermography

Breast Thermography

Breast Thermography is a breakthrough imaging procedure where infrared images of the breasts are analyzed and rated to determine the risk of developing breast cancer. 

Thermography is non-invasive, safe & painless - no radiation or compression is used. The infrared imaging process allows you to see the range and amount of heat or thermal energy emitted from the body. 

Thermography is based on the scientific premise that before the growth of the abnormal cells can occur, an increased blood supply must be circulated to the growth area. 

Early detection is important, but prevention is the key!

The advantage of an early assessment of risk factors could be life-saving.  Breast Thermography is one of the best early-detection systems available today.

Studies have shown that:

  • An abnormal infrared image is the single-most important marker of high risk for developing breast cancer.
  • A persistent abnormal image carries with it a 22 times higher risk of developing future breast cancer.
  • When thermography is added to a woman's regular breast health checkup, a 61% increase in survival rates has been shown.
  • When thermography is used as part of a multimodal approach (clinical examination, mammography & thermography) 95% of early stage-breast cancers can be detected.

Click here to access our studies.

Who should have Breast Thermography testing?

  • Women who want to take a proactive approach to their health find great value in the additional information provided by Breast Thermography.
  • Women who have had inconclusive mammograms of physical breast examinations find that Breast Thermography can help to clarify these tests, thus enabling women to better manage their breast health.
  • Women with dense or fibrocystic breasts, where mammography is of little value, will benefit from thermographic monitoring.
  • Young women - Breast Thermography can be safely performed on young pregnant women.
  • In addition, early breast exams can provide a valuable baseline from which to measure future breast health and potential risk factors.

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