About Me

SAIMA SHEIKH, Clinic Director, CTM, CTT

Losing my grandmother to breast cancer at the age of 22 was difficult indeed.  One finds some sort of peace when reminding themselves that although they will be missed, they did live a relatively good & long life.  They were able to enjoy their grandchildren and even witness the birth of a great-grandson..my son was 4 months old when she left us.

Witnessing my mother fight breast cancer not once, but twice, is a whole other chapter in my life.  I was a month away from turning 29 and my third pregnancy resulted in twin girls.  Not only was I was raising 4 children, where my twins were 3 months of age, I further had to deal with terrifying news that my mother was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer.  Unlike my grandmother she was only 49.  Here, I had two options...allow this devastation to get the better of me and plunge into a state of depression or educate myself and be strong for my mom.  I spent multiple nights online reading and researching about her condition and what I can do to help her, both physically and emotionally.  I wanted her not to give up, I wanted her to build the will to fight.  She ultimately fought and won but only after a lumpectomy, lots of chemotherapy and radiation.

After a remission period of 7 years, when we thought that we won a good fight, my mother felt another lump but this time in the other breast.  I can still remember the intense eerie feeling I had as I physically confirmed that there indeed was a lump.  But this time she had become so spiritual at this point in her life that she was calm, very calm.  Again she was submerged in chemo, some radiation but rather than weakening herself she instead made the decision to have a double-mastectomy performed as this was the best advised course of action.

Needless to say how troubling and terrifying this can be for a daughter.  I am extremely concerned for my daughters as I hope & pray that I will not have them endure anything remotely close to what I have experienced. 

Thermography found me and it has given me a renewed purpose in my career.  In this chapter of my life I am focused on making a difference in the lives of other mothers & their daughters alike...

Early detection is important, but prevention is the key!

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