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Saima Sheikh, Clinic Director, CTM, CTT

Clinic Director, Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician & Breast Health Educator

Saima Sheikh is the Clinic Director of Thermography Clinic Milton Inc. She is a certified Clinical Thermography Technician (CTT) with the Canadian Association of Clinical Thermography and completed her training at the Toronto Thermography Clinic Inc. under the direct training and supervision of Alexander Mostovoy, Board Certified Clinical Thermologist. As part of the women’s health specialist industry, Saima offers women a non-invasive & pain-free technology that detects abnormalities in the body (mainly breasts) in their earliest stages. Thermography offers early risk assessment with zero radiation and no compression. She is passionate about her journey to wellness, especially breast health, and shares her experiences and knowledge with others as a speaker & breast health educator through workshops at the clinics. Saima has made it her mission to bring this exciting technology to all women, “What is really exciting to me is that we can change the methods of assessing breast diseases by providing this incredible service offering an early warning (up to 10 years!). As women, we now have a “second line of defense” through breast thermography. I encourage women to take control of their own health, and stop the “wait for a lump” approach.

MAYMUNA KHAWAJA, Clinic Administrator/Marketing Associate

Maymuna Khawaja, Marketing & Research Coordinator

Maymuna is our administration and marketing associate who’s passionate about health and well being and through her life experiences and personal health challenges she has come to do her own research and learn about the foundations that make up good health and provides meaningful and insightful advice and loves sharing her reflections. “ Thermography assessment, even at my age, has proven to be a very useful tool to get a great look at where my health is and what I need to focus on to align my health.

MAYMUNA KHAWAJA, Clinic Administrator/Marketing Associate

Anum Amir, Clinic Administrator

Anum Amir is the clinic administrator who is a student and will be attending the University of Waterloo for Kinesiology this fall. She has a strong passion for science and health which she has demonstrated through the effort that she puts into her work. She is extremely fascinated by thermography and how it gives people an overall idea of what their health is like and how It can prevent men and women from going down a dangerous health road. Through her work, she would like to bring awareness to this growing field and help people take charge of their health.
“I plan on keeping our systems and team organized and hope to be a welcoming face as you walk through our doors!”

Luba Alviano, Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician & Registered Nurse

Lubov Alviano is a Certified Clinical Thermography Technician and Registered Nurse with 30 years experience in Canada, Russia, Ukrain and Israel. She is a certified Clinical Thermography Technician (CTT) with the Canadian Association of Clinical Thermography and completed her training at the Toronto Thermography Clinic Inc. under the direct training and supervision of Alexander Mostovoy, Board Certified Clinical Thermographer. After your Thermography imaging, Lubov will assess your images and determine a course of treatment suited to your needs. After several months of following this treatment plan, Lubov will do a second Thermography assessment to see how your breasts react to your health changes.

Aleena Othman, Clinic Administrator

Aleena Othman, the clinic administrator with a background spanning over 8 years in healthcare. With an unwavering commitment to holistic well-being, Aleena is dedicated to fostering comprehensive health experiences. Believing that genuine wellness encompasses physical, mental, and emotional vitality, Aleena strives to ensure that every individual’s journey towards health is met with exceptional care. Step into a realm of enhanced well-being under Anwar’s guidance, where your health journey is met with professionalism, warmth, and a profound dedication to your overall wellness.

Farhat, Clinic Manager

Farhat, the clinic manager in Dubai, she has been instrumental in identifying market opportunities and raising awareness about Thermography and its application in the medical field. Farhat’s dedication to promoting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and gut health is truly remarkable. She has a deep understanding of the impact of inflammation on overall health and the importance of maintaining a healthy gut. Farhat’s commitment to empowering individuals to take charge of their health is evident in her desire to become a certified clinical Thermographer. Farhat’s commitment to helping men, women, and children take charge of their health has been her main driver throughout her career. Her dedication to representing Thermography Clinic Milton in Dubai across the region has been commendable, and she has played a key role in expanding the clinic’s presence and impact.

Zara, Clinic Administrator

Zara is a clinic administrator and currently in high school. She’s dreamt of being a lawyer, but she’s now interested in dermatology after recently discovering her fascination for health and science. Zara hopes to encourage people to take control of their health and wellness while breaking the common misconceptions about thermography. She wishes to open this path to everyone no matter age or gender, because she believes that your health is a priority. “I really want to educate people and help them be open to new options when it comes to taking care of themselves. Thermography is a way of reassurance and can highlight lifestyle habits you may need to change.”

Medical Advisory Board

Alexander Mostovoy, DHMS, BCCT

Alexander Mostovoy is a clinician, writer, researcher, and public speaker, and is recognized as a leading authority on breast health and cancer prevention. He has lectured extensively across Canada, the United States, South America, and Europe, and has educated and trained physicians in breast cancer prevention and the use of medical thermography. He is the best selling author of the book Breast Cancer Is A Preventable Disease and a co-creator of the Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference.

Dr. Alvin Pettle, M.D., F.R.C.S. (OB/GYN)

Dr. Alvin Pettle is a pioneer Canadian gynecologist who practices integrative medicine. He is the pre-eminent specialist in natural hormone replacement therapy for women. He graduated from the University of Toronto medical school in 1969 and received his fellowship on obstetrics and gynecology in 1974. He practiced obstetrics and gynecology for twenty-five years at The Etobicoke General Hospital in Toronto , where from 1990 to 1994, he was the Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Pettle is in demand for radio, TV and print media interviews as an authority on natural hormone and integrative medical therapies for women. He lectures to doctors, nurses, and the public on The Integrative Management of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Menopause.

Dr. Moshe Dekel, Ob/Gyn, Long Island , NY

Dr. Moshe Dekel In his 27 years in practice, he served as the chief of GYN surgery at the Long Island Surgi-Center , and as the Medical Director of the Long Island Birthing Center . Dr. Dekel was one of the founding members of MDNY, New York’s only doctor’s owned and operated HMO. He investigated a new approach in Age Management Medicine, pioneered by CENEGENICS INSTITUTE, in promoting prevention and optimization of the hormones that control and regulate the human body and its health. Since 2000, he has focused his efforts in helping his patients, achieve better health using functional medicine, bio identical hormones, nutritional counselling and nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Robert L. Kane

Dr. Robert Kane brings over a decade of experience in the field of thermal image interpretation. He acquired his training through the International Thermographic Society and achieved Diplomate level certification through the American Board of Clinical Thermography (ABCT).He later achieved Diplomate certification through the International Academy of Clinical Thermology (IACT) and was eventually recognized as a “Fellow” by IACT for contributions to the field of thermal imaging. Dr. Kane furthered his knowledge of breast applications under the tutelage of Dr. William Hobbins, one the world’s leading authorities. Dr. Kane frequently lectures to physicians and laypersons on the role of thermal imaging in the clinical practice while serving on the board of IACT and ABCT. His personal mission is to transform women’s fear of breast cancer into empowerment toward prevention.